Strategic Plan

CLE 2019 - 2023 Strategic Plan

This strategic plan takes CLE into the first strategic planning cycle as a corporate body separate of the Kenya School of Law (KSL) in line with the CLE Act 2012. It defines CLE’s strategic direction over the planning period 2019 – 2023 by laying down the strategic goals and objectives to be pursued and action plans for their accomplishment. It also provides an implementation framework for the Management and the Council to monitor and evaluate the plan’s implementation.

It is a regulatory requirement for all state corporations to develop a strategic plan to provide a clear road map to the realization of the mission and attainment of the vision and the development of this plan is a compliance with this requirement. The plan further outlines the CLE’s contribution to national development objectives in line with the 2ndMedium Term Plan (2013-2017) of Vision 2030.

CLE 2019- 2023 Strategic Plan