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The Council of Legal Education administers the Advocates Training Programme (ATP) examination for candidates who have undergone ATP training at the Kenya School of Law. Ultimately, the candidate who successfully completes the ATP is qualified to be admitted to the  roll of advocates in Kenya. The Council has established structures, guidelines, processes, strict standards and competent work force in the setting, conduct and marking of examinations.


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We promote quality legal education and training in Kenya through accreditation, equation of legal foreign qualifications and harmonization of legal programs.


The Quality Assurance, Compliance & Licensing Department (QCL) assists and supports Council achieve its primary objective of promoting legal education, training and maintenance of the highest possible standards in legal education in Kenya.

Bar Examination

By dint of the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) 2014, the Council of Legal Education was mandated to conduct the Bar examination, previously administered by the Kenya School of Law.

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