This form is to be used by any individual or organization that has dealt with Council of Legal Education and has a complaint about the quality of the Council’s services relating to policies and procedures, the application of these policies and procedures, or the conduct of the personnel in delivering these services. The complaint form must include the signature of the complainant or the one representing the complainant, and if the complainant is an organization, the signature of the officer representing the organization.

    1. Complainant’s Personal Details

    Your Name (required)

    Name of Organization (if applicable)

    Telephone No.


    Your Email (required)

    2. Nature of the complaint

    Provide a brief description of the complaint (include supporting document if any)

    (ii) Name the relevant office that dealt with the complaint

    (iii) Give details of the response, discussions or solution provided

    State the reason why you remained dissatisfied

    State your preferred outcome

    Declaration: I hereby certify that the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge and the same is given voluntarily