Ms Naomi Wagereka

An advocate of the High Court of Kenya and holder of LLB from the University of Nairobi, (Admitted in December 1989) and a Diploma from the School of Law.

Commissioner of the Advocates Complaints Commission in the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice. She was born on 18th May 1965.

Member of the Law Society of Kenya and Federation of Women Lawyers Kenya (FIDA)

Has acquired extensive knowledge and experience from both the private and public sectors in diverse capacities.  Has vast experience in lawyer’s regulation with an emphasis on professional ethics and responsibilities.

Served as: –

  • Chairlady FIDA (Kenya)
  • Council member (FIDA) Kenya
  • Board member Kenya Anticorruption Commission
  • Member, Law Society Advocates Disciplinary Tribunal
  • Board of Trustee – The National Cancer Institute.

Currently serving as a Board member of Nairobi School Board of Management.

Worked in: –

  • Chawla & Company Advocates
  • Kimani Kairu & Company Advocates, Nairobi
  • Waki & Company Advocates, Nairobi

Was the sole proprietor – Wagereka N. N & Company Advocates.

Date of appointment: 19th May 2018