By dint of the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) 2014, the Council of Legal Education was mandated to conduct the Bar examination, previously administered by the Kenya School of Law. Section 8 (1) (f) requires the Council to administer such professional examinations as may be prescribed under Section 13 of the Advocates Act, Cap 16, Laws of Kenya.

In furtherance of its new mandate, the Council of Legal Education administered the first Bar examination in July 2015.  The Department of Examinations was institutionalized in October 2015 and spearheaded preparations for the November 2015 Bar examination series, a responsibility it has been discharging since then.

Mandate of the Department of Examinations

The mandate of the Department is derived from Section 8 (1) (f) of the Legal Education Act No. 27 of 2012.

Functions of the Department

  • 1. Develop and manage the examination framework
  • 2. Oversee the test development and administration of the Bar examination
  • 3. Initiate and promote interactions with external bodies for purposes of building partnerships.
  • 4. Design criteria for recruitment of setters, markers, moderators and invigilators.
  • 5. Implement the Council resolutions and instructions of the Chief Executive Officer on test development and examination administration.
  • 6. Coordinate the processing of candidates marks and release of examination results for all examinations and coordinates gazettment of successful candidates.
  • 7. Ensure security and confidentiality of all examination materials and processes.
  • 8. Prepare examination reports.

Staff Complement

Currently, the department has a staff complement of seven (7) as follows:-

  • 1. Director, Examinations
  • 2. Manager, Examination Administration
  • 3. Senior Examinations Records Officer
  • 4. Senior Examinations Administrations Officer
  • 5. Examinations Assistants (2)
  • 6. Administrative Assistant

Bar Examination

Council administers the Bar examination twice every calendar year i.e. July and November.

Candidates who meet the registration requirements are free to take the examination in July or November depending on their schedule of activities and other imponderables.


Professionalism, Integrity and Confidentiality are the principle values upon which the Department is founded.